Employees are the biggest strength of any organization and sometimes its biggest competitive advantage. Every organization and company spends a lot of time and effort to ensure that its workforce feels happy and fulfilled. It is the motivation of clients and employees.  Apart from this businesses also gift their employees on important holidays and sometimes on their birthdays and festival too.

Corporate gifts are a good way to give to the employees for their achievements and motivation. Corporate gifts can be in-house gifts or out-of-house gifts, It differs based on the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Now that we've answered the main question, what about corporate gifts? A lot!!

Let's take a deep survey into every aspect of corporate gifts and break each one down into its simplest forms.

Why Are Gifts For Employees So Important?

Employee or corporation gifts are important for a number of different reasons:

1. To Boost Motivation

A gift given as a recognition of exceptional performance will further motivate the employee and other team members to continue to work hard and put in their best efforts.

2. Encourages the Loyalty

These days the employees of an organization may be located in different places and even work in a different ways. A small gift can make them feel more connected and happy with the organization.

3. Strong Relationships

Organizations frequently give perfect gifts. This increase strengthens the relationship employees have with the organization.

4. Gives opportunities to show appreciation

For the management, a gift for the employees is a way to show the staff that their efforts for the organization are being recognized and appreciated.

5. Manage Team Spirit

Gifting the employees on holidays or festivals also boosts their sense of being part of a team.

Do you know about different types of corporate gifts?

Let's have a look at the different types of gifts in the cooperative world.

  • Celebration gifts

Celebration gifts are given on occasions or at any events.

  • Personalized gifts

A personalized gift can be a celebratory gift. They receive their own category because they show an additional thoughtful effort that can create a greater impact.

  • Group Gifts

These gifts amongst coworkers or from employees to their employers. They can either be a single gift given by a whole group or the same gift to multiple people.

  • Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are physical items that promote and grow your own business and usually have some marking of your brands on them, like a company's logo or website.

What kind of Employee Gifts Do You Need To Choose?

Employee gifts include a cash reward, a letter of recognition, or an experience like a spa day, gift. It is too confusing and difficult to choose from the wide range of options available in the market. Especially as it can be more difficult to measure which gift would be appreciated by the employees.

The fact that the corporate gifting industry is growing rapidly only serves to further prove this. Many companies have put reward schemes in place to encourage their employees in contributing their best efforts. Perhaps what concerns organizations, even more, is the fact that employees do not receive rewards which tends to have a negative impact on their motivation levels and morale.

Tips keep in mind

There are many different occasions you may need to plan about corporate gifts or rewards, for your employees. These occasions could be corporate events, meeting a special corporate milestone, business anniversaries, and of course holidays and festivals like Diwali, or New Year’s. It has employees' achievements too. Whatever the case, if you find you need to send a gift, here are some tips to know to help you choose the right item for your event.

Here are some things you definitely have to keep in mind while deciding on a perfect cooperative gift.

Firstly, Consider your budget:

1. Low-cost ideas.

Small gifts that are used by us on a regular basis. Always consider useful, good quality, and perfect items so they don’t end up being thrown out. Like, are pens, ceramic mugs, electronics chargers, and notebooks.

2. Medium-priced ideas.

This is the most common and reasonable price range for gifts and there are many, more options available in the market. Including Scarves, bags, travel mugs, chocolate gifts, and USB drives.

3. High-priced ideas.

Sometimes your budget will allow you to really spend on an expensive corporate gift. Get a premium gift that will be admired. Items to consider are Bluetooth speakers, leather bags, and travel accessories/luggage.

Dos & Don'ts while choosing Corporate Gifts

The following list of dos and don'ts will also help you to avoid making any mistakes while choosing corporate gifts for your employees.

  • Be compatible and include everyone– Every gift should be similar and just care should be taken to ensure that no team member is left out.  All employees should be given gifts that are of the same value.  Even part-time workers, the cleaning staff, and contractors should also be remembered.

  • Don’t give according to work – Gifts that can be used outside of the work environment are liked more by the office staff and will be used more.

  • Mark the gifts carefully - Do double check spelling of names on giving gifts. Military or professional titles should also be given carefully and are mandatory. Consider adding a special message to the gift item being given out. To add a special touch you can address the message to each individual recipient too.

  • Be careful with edible gifts – When giving food gifts, consider the individual you are giving them to that is diabetic? Do they have any food allergies? Of course, giving sweets and chocolates on the occasion is unlikely to offend anyone.

  • Collaborate with the management too - If there are many bosses in an office, try to get them together to give one gift per employee to prevent competition in price and type of gifts.

  • Try to gift something unique and different every time - If you send gifts to the same people every year, be sure to give a unique and different gift each year. Something special always delights the receiver and they are likely to remember it for a long time. Try to send individual gifts to your employees rather than one item to the whole team.

Some other points

  • Choose a gift according to gender neutral – Make sure your gifts are generic in gender and are something that would fit both male and female employees. Often an everyday item, such as a scarf, a cap, or a nice bag, will be appreciated instead of something that will just be stored in a cupboard or put on display on the wall.

  • Deliver it personally – Check if you are able to deliver the items by yourself. It is much nicer to receive a personally delivered gift than to send it through the mail or a courier service.

  • Balance originality with taste – While it is important to choose something unique but don't choose something new just for the sake of it. The chosen gift still needs to appeal to a wide audience of receivers. Any business gift you send reflects the reputation of your company. Try to find the best quality gifts that fit your budget.


It's important to choose the best gifts for employees by keeping such important points in your mind.  Not only will you have a motivated and enthusiastic workforce but you achieve a lot of benefits indirectly too. Increased customer satisfaction and sales, and improvement in productivity. There are some of the many ways your organization will benefit from rewarding its employees and recognizing their efforts!

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