Glow Multi toolkit for Adventurers (with lantern, dynamo mobile charger and fire starter)

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An innovative product especially designed keeping Campers, Trekkers, and Backpackers in mind.
- The Green parts emit a mild glow in the dark so you can find it easily!
- Set of handy tools include emergency knife, saw, bottle opener, and can opener.
- Has a built
-in Lamp and Torch with extra bright light!
- Easy 1
-Touch Fire starter / Lighter concealed under a metal plate for safety.
- In times of emergency, it can charge your mobile enough to make a few calls. Just plug your phone and rotate the handle to start charging.
- Also has a carabiner so you can hang it. Just light up the lamp and hang it to your bag, belt or tent.
- No batteries needed: Lamp, Torch and Lighter work through in
-built battery, chargeable by USB (cable not included)Please note: The mobile charging feature is for emergency only which generates power through a dynamo when the handle is rotated. It is not a replacement for power bank.
Pcs. per carton 100
Master Carton Dimensions (cm) 31.7x31.5x24.2
Master Carton Weight (Kg) 11.7
Product Dimensions (cm) 12.6x6x5.8
Product Weight (gms) 217