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Mugs & Sippers

Mugs & Sippers

This category was a must because whenever we think of any organization, we see tons of sippers,coffee & tea mugs everywhere. It’s like a necessity for every person working in the organization. 

It is quite popular to give a mug or a sipper. This is something which is very useful in day to day life. Gifts & Promotions International’s team understands this well and hence came out with a wide range of sippers, smart mugs, flasks, gym shakers, stainless steel flasks. There is a good variety in size, colour, shape and type.

We are professional Coffee Mug Manufacturers in Delhi, tried our best to get every type of flask, shakers and sippers as an option. Because the tasks are usually different for every type. For example, There will be a different size of flask with different material used for the gym. You can pick up deciding upon the types, colours, purpose or even the organization’s industry. If your organization belongs to the fitness industry then you can choose likewise.

Gifts & Promotions International have the latest technologies so you can rely on us for the quality and total efficiency. 

What do you prefer? Tea or coffee? Flasks or sippers?

Choose and let us know.

Capacity   : 500 mlWeight      : 310 gmMaterial    : stainless steel 304Size            : 27.5cm x 6.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity   : 750 mlWeight      : 325 gmMaterial    : stainless steel 304Size            : 25cm x 7.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
TMC 001Capacity: 400 mlWeight  : 150 gmMaterial: Steel n PlasticSize: H X Dia 11.5cm x 8.5cm..
Capacity : 400 mlWeight   : 175 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize     : 16.5cm x 6.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity : 450 mlWeight   : 200 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize     : 12.5cm x 10.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity : 400 mlWeight   : 150 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize     : 11cm x 8cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity : 450 mlWeight   : 250 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize     : 16cm x 6.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity : 450 mlWeight   : 200 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize         : 15.5cm x 6.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity : 450 mlWeight   : 225 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize     : 18cm x 6.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
Capacity : 400 mlWeight   : 200 gmMaterial : steel n plasticSize     : 11.5cm x 7.5cm (Height x Diameter)..
WATERATE FLASKDouble walled insulated vacuum flaskPrime quality 304 grade stainless steel usedMaintains temperature of contents for more than 18hrs.Cap double up as cup for ease of useNew lacquered hammered finish steel flaskSpill proof capIdeal for hot and cold liquids Capacity 600ml...
GRIPPER BOTTLEWhether you are outside playing a sport, at school or inside at work all day, you have got to stay hydrated. It is quickly turns warm and unpalatable, so ditch it for a reusable, Steel bottle. Made from food-grade Stainless steel, this bottle is 100% BPA and Phthalate free, so ..
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